The 7th International Research and Practice Conference of Gira (Kettlebell) Sport July 02 – 07, 2015, in Pécs, Hungary

The 7th International Research and Practice Conference “Gira (Kettlebell) Sport as a Means of Physical Education, Athletic Instruction, Gerontology, and Recreation” will take place on July 02 – 07, 2015, in Pécs, Hungary

Principal directions of the conference will be:

  • History, modern times, and prospects of gira sport development.
  • Nation-specific features, social and gender problems of gira sport.
  • Innovative techniques for the training of athletes and judging of competitions in gira sport.
  • Gira sport as a means of creating a healthy lifestyle and a social activity for young people.
  • Doping control; academic, methodological, medical, and educational support of athletic achievements in gira sport.
  • Management, promotion, and judging of competitions in gira sport.
  • Gira sport within the framework of physical education for the student youth.
  • The role of gira sport veterans in the development of a harmonious personality and the promotion of active ageing.

Within the framework of the Conference, an International Certified Gira Sport Judges and Coaches Workshop will be held.

Specialists, resesarchers, teachers, coaches, and athletes from different countries are invited to participate in the Conference and the Workshop.

The Conference will take place at: Hungary, FORDAN HOTEL, Pecs Bajesy Zsilinszky 14-16

Chair of the Organizing Committee (visa support): Mihaly Balogh, Germany

Tel. Mobile: 49 (0) 176 4000 8428    E-mail:

The official languages of the Conference are English and Russian.


July 02 – arrival and registration of participants;

July 03 – conference opening, plenary meeting, entertainment and sports program;

July 04 – 05 – delivering and discussing reports, training workshop, entertainment and sports program, round table;

July 06 – 07 – entertainment and sports program, departure of participants.

Visits to historical, cultural, athletic and natural sites of Pécs will be organized for the conference and training workshop participants.

Materials for publication in the collected volume will be accepted until May 01, 2015.

 Applications for participation in the conference and training workshop will be accepted until May 10, 2015.

The cost of accommodation in the holiday center, including two meals a day, is EUR 50 per participant (to be paid on the day of arrival).

The registration fee to cover the costs of publication of materials, as well as organization and holding of the conference and training workshop, is EUR 100 (to be paid on the day of arrival).

Formatting requirements to the materials

A text in English, up to four A4 pages, including tables, illustrations, and figures. Word processor: Microsoft Word 98/2000, font: Times New Roman, size: 14, spacing: 1.5, margins: right – 1 cm, left – 3 cm, top and bottom – 2 cm, style: normal. The paper’s title must be printed in block letters at the center of the page. Under the title, at the center of the page, the authors’ initials and surnames, city and country must be placed. The text must follow in a new paragraph. All the materials will be printed in English as worded by the author.

 The materials for publication will be accepted on electronic media or by e-mail. Please enclose with the conference materials a translation of the article into Ukrainian or Russian, as well as an author’s reference stating the surnames, names, and patronymics of the author, their academic degrees, academic or sports titles, place of employment or studies, position, city, country, home address and e-mail, and contact phone number.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select materials for publication in the collected volume.

Organizing Committee

Chair of the Organizing Committee: Shcherbina Iurii Vladimirovich


Tel./fax: +380-45-95-35-336; tel.: +380-44-454-49-74;

mobile phone:  +38-066-70-39-071



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