Invitation to 27th World Kettlebell Championship on November 1-6, 2019, Melbourne, Australia


INVITATION Australia Download November 1-6, 2019, Melbourne, Australia, will host the 27th World Kettlebell Championship for men and women, juniors (1997-2000) and veterans – men, juniors, and veterans will be held (jerk by a long cycle of two weights and one kettlebell, biathlon (jerk of two weights +  snatch), women, juniors (1997-2000), veterans (jerk with a long cycle of one kettlebell and two weights, snatch, jerk of two kettlebells), relay…


9th World Kettlebell Championships in Athens. Results


3-7.04.2019 ’In Athens (Loutraki), Greece, the 9th World Championships in kettlebell lifting among students and the European Open Championship among men, women, juniors, veterans and athletes with disabilities ended. The chief referee of the competition is the international category judge Pantelis Filikidis, the chairman of the organizing committee is Elena Vihodet. The competitions were held according to the version of the International Gira sport Federation (IGSF) with the support of…


Application to the 1st Asian Kettlebell Lifting Championships, June 7-12, 2019

 ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! On June 7-12, 2019, the 1st Asian Kettlebell Lifting Championships and the Kettlebell Lifting World Championships among boys and girls born in 2001-2003 will be held in Khiva, Uzbekistan. to the Organizing Committee and IGSF: Е-mail:  IGSFЕ-mail : Образец  заявки / sample application: No. Surname, name Activity in the team Weight Category/ kg Passport Date of birth Place of birth Home address Contact tel….


REGULATIONS of World Championship in Gira (Kettlebell-lifting) among boys and girls in separate exercises for 2019.


The World Championship in kettlebell -lifting among boys and girls born in 2001-2003 is held on June 07-12, 2019, in Khiva, Uzbekistan. Location: Hotel “Evro-Asia”, P.Mahmud St., 35, Khiva The day of arrival at the competition on June 7, 2019. The credentials committee, the meeting of the jury together with the representatives of the teams and the weigh-in of the participants is June 08. Competitions – 09-11 June. Departure day…