Invitation to 27th World Kettlebell Championship on November 1-6, 2019, Melbourne, Australia

November 1-6, 2019, Melbourne, Australia, will host the 27th World Kettlebell Championship for men and women, juniors (1997-2000) and veterans – men, juniors, and veterans will be held (jerk by a long cycle of two weights and one kettlebell, biathlon (jerk of two weights +  snatch), women, juniors (1997-2000), veterans (jerk with a long cycle of one kettlebell and two weights, snatch, jerk of two kettlebells), relay races, marathon. World Championship among athletes   with disabilities (men, women): press with  one handed bench sitting, a jerk   and  a  snatch  with  one  hand  –  one  exercise   at   the   choice  of   competitors,  exercise  time  5  min.