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Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you on an official site of the International gira sports federation. Here you are offered to familiarise with the federation charter, the main news in the world of gira sports, positions about competitions and reports of the spent competitions, world records, history of gira sports, and, certainly, to look a photo, and the future – and video, from the spent World championships on gira sports, and also many other things headings which are devoted to gira sports.

Gira sports in the last some years have received wide recognition in many countries of Gira sports in the last some years have received wide recognition in many countries of Europe, Middle East, Australia, Asia, North and South America and Africa. It is important, that weights cause not only practical, but also scientific interest in a kind of its many-sided nature and availability about what the scientifically-practical conferences devoted to the decision of problems which arise in the course of preparation of sportsmen, to specification of rules of carrying out of competitions and other questions expressly or by implication concerning of gira sports testify. All listed proves to be true practically that today for participation in the international competitions and the World championships on gira sports athletes from Germany, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Tatarstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Iran, Nigeria, Nepal, Denmark, Slovenia, Australia and other countries and continents gather…

We hope, that our site will help you to be constant with a course of last events which can be reflected in development of weights in the world.

And it is final, I wish all new achievements in sport and creative successes for the good of our fine in every respect a kind of sport!

Yours sincerely,
President of the International gira sports federation

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