Regulation of the 6th Gira Sport Students World Championship 2016


of the 6th Gira Sport Students World Championship 2016

  1. Goals and objectives.

The competition is held for the following purposes:

  • to further development and popularize kettlebell (gira) sport among student youth in the world;
  • to promote students’ interest in healthy lifestyle;
  • to determine competition winners;
  • to strengthen and expand international cultural and sports connections among student youth.
  1. Competition date and location.
  • Gira Sport Students World Championship shall be held on May 11-16, 2016, in the city of Porto, Portugal;

Place of competition holding: Moov HOTEL PORTO NORTE
Rua Nova do Estádio 244, 4460-381 Sra. da Hora (Matosinhos) Portugal

Day of arrival at the competition: May 11, 2016.

  • The credentials committee meeting, jury and team representatives meeting and weighing of contestants shall be held on the following day after arrival;

Day of departure shall be May 16, after the end of the competition.

  1. Competition management.

General management of competition organization and holding shall be performed by the IGSF Executive Committee.

Immediate competition holding shall be assigned to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, and the duly approved Main Jury.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee (visa support) Eduardo Fonseca, Portugal

Tell: Mobile: (+351)914701827 Phone Club: (+351)223225901


  1. Competition participants.

Students and graduates World Championship is a competition for individuals and teams.

Full-time students and postgraduates of higher education university from countries promoting kettlebell sport shall be allowed to participate in the competition. Team name list shall be fixed before the weighing of competitors. Age of the competitors up to 28 years. The number of competitors in any weight class shall be unlimited.

Team line-up:

youths – 7, girls – 3, representative coach – 1, judge – 1.

  1. Competition programme and winner election.

 The competition shall be held under the International Gira Sport Federation rules valid as of the competition date:

  • youths – two kettlebells long-cycle jerk, kettlebell mass is 24 kg;
  • girls – one kettlebell snatch, kettlebell mass is 16 kg.

Winners and prize-winners in the individual scoring shall be determined according to the greatest kettleball lift number in every weight class:

  • youths – under 60, under 65, under 70, under 75, under 80, under 90, +90 kg;
  • girls – under 60, under 70, +70 kg.

Team results shall be determined according to the maximum score gained by each scoring participant in the team as indicated in the Federation chart.

At any stage of preparation and participation in the competitions, doping control may be performed.

  1. Awarding.

Competition participants who took the 1st, 2nd and 3d places in every weight class shall be awarded with diplomas and medals of respective degrees.

Winners shall be awarded with memorable prizes.

Coaches who have trained the competition winners shall be awarded with diplomas.

Winning and prize-winning teams shall be awarded with diplomas and memorable prizes.

  1. Financing.

Competition participation costs (travel, meals, accommodation, and accreditation of each participant) shall be incurred by the sending organizations.

Competition organization and holding costs (sports premises leasing, advertising, poster making, award attributes – diplomas, medals, valuable prizes, judges’ fees, etc.) shall be incurred by IGSF, also on a share basis, the competition organizers, interested organizations and persons, and sponsors.

Accreditation – this year the cost of license for participation in the international competition amounts to EUR 20 for each participant.

  1. Applications.

Preliminary competition participation applications shall be filed to the Organizing Committee and the IGSF before April 1, 2016.

Individual competition participation applications certified by a physician and the organization, passport, student’s identity card, student’s record book, and other documents stipulated by the competition rules shall be filed to the Credentials Committee at the day of arrival.

Delegations coming to the competition shall have a sports uniform of single design, two state flags, and a digital record of the anthem of the country they represent made on digital media.

International Gira Sport Federation:

Tel./fax: +38045 95 35 336; mob. +38066 70 39 071


This notice is an official invitation to the competition!