The results of anti-doping control at the World Championships in Slovenia

To meet the highest standards of international sport and evidence of commitment to the principles of pure sportInternational Gira Sport Federation held an antidoping control of sportsmen and sportswomen in the 23m World Championship in kettlebell (girevoy) lifting in Celje, Slovenia, which was held on 17-18 October 2015.

Anti-doping controls conducted by Slovenian Anti-Doping Organization (SLOADA) affiliate of the International Anti-Doping AGENCY (WADA), to the respective requirements of Anti-Doping Code.

Laboratory Seibersdorf (Austria) analyzed sample aliquots after appropriate clean up using gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry immunoassay.

Candidates for doping control were chosen random by lot:

  • Sergei Karpovich – Belarus
  • Vasil Mihaylinchik  – Ukraine
  • Oleh Ilika  – Italy
  • Lubov Cherepaha-Volkova  – Ukraine

The tested samples are not contain prohibited substances.