Results of 25 IGSF Wold Championship in Greece, 12-15.10.2017

Almost 220 Kettlebell Lifters from 22 Countries took part in 25th World Championship if International Gira Sport Federation in Loutraki (Athens) Greece 12-15 of October 2017.

First time IGSF included 2 arms Long Cycle and 2 arms jerk for Woman in World Championship. 18 sportswomen competed in 2 arms Long Cycle, 38 – in One arm Long Cycle and 15 women demonstrated outstanding result in 2 arms jerk. Extremely high was competition in snatch among 56 women kettlebell lifters.

34 Kettlebell lifters competed in Biathlon with double 32 kg kettlebells and 46 with 24 and 16kg.  68 lifters had fight with Long cycle with 32 and 24 kg kettlebells.   

IGSF congratulates all the winners and participants and thanks the Organizing Committee for the wonderful venue of the championship, and all athletes, for coming to the championships and support and development of kettlebell lifting

Excel format Protocols

1 Long Cycle  PDF
  • Men
Men Adult: Long Cycle 32,24 kg
Men Veterans: Long Cycle
Men Juniors. Long Cycle
  • Women 
Women Adult and Veterans: 2 Arms Long Cycle 
Women Adult, Veterans and Juniors: One Arm Long Cycle
2 Biathlon Men Adult and Man Veterans Biathlon: 24 kg
Men Juniors. Biathlon
3 Snatch Woman Adult, Juniors, Veterans. Snatch
4 Woman 2 arms jerk  Women Adult and Juniors 2 Arms, Jerk.
Women veterans, 2 Arms Jerk
5 Team protocols  Team Protocols