Invitation to World kettlebell (gira) sport championship on October 12– 16, 2017 Athens (Loutraki), Greece


 Athens (Loutraki), Greece, will be hosting the 25th world gira sport championship on October 12– 16, 2017, inviting men and women, juniors (1999-2001) and veterans – men, juniors and veterans (double event, separate exercises), women, junior women (1999-2001), veterans (snatch, jerk with two weightballs) and the 20th world push championship in long jerk among men and women, juniors and veterans – men, juniors, veterans (long jerk with two weightballs), women, juniors, veterans (long jerk with one weightball and two weightballs). The competition is being held according to the Calendar plan and the IGSF charter for 2017, delegations will be arriving and housing on October 11th.

Transfer ATHENS AIRPORT – LOUTRAKI – ATHENS AIRPORT = 40Е provides the Organizing Committee on prior agreement with the Organizing Committee

Residence in the accredited hotels: –

  • Ramada-Poseidon resort  5* Thesi Boutsi Korinthia, Loutraki, 20300 GR   Те: +30 274 4067938;
  • SPORTCAMP (HB)Katounistra, Λουτράκι 203 00   Теl.: +30- 2744 023999

The championship will be held in the Loutraki sports palace: Katounistra, P.O. 150 Loutraki 20300

Tel.: +302744023999 E-mail:

The distance between the hotels and between the hotels and a sports facility – 4-6 km.

For those who do not have their own transport, travel from accredited hotels to the venue is provided by the Organizing Committee.

Transfer “hotel – sports complex – 5 E; Sports complex – hotel – 5 Е “= 10 Е per person

The cost of the room in the hotel is presented in the table.

The price of the hotel includes breakfast and dinner.

SPORTCAMP (HB) 56,00€ 95,00€ 135,00€ 172,00€ 228,00€
Ramada-Poseidon resort  5*(HB) 70,00€ 120,00€ 160,00€  195,00€ X

Entry fee to the Competition organizational committee and accrediting – (according to the IGSF charter for 2017) – 40 for every nomination per each participant. Those having missed the annual IGSF membership fee the entry fee is doubled = 80. Accrediting (license cost) – 20 per each competition participant (the license earlier obtained within the current year is valid). Dope test fee – 20 .

The team (country) must submit the personal application for the competition participation to the Organizational committee. Please make sure you have two national flags and an electronic recording of a national anthem.

Competition program:

October 11welcome day, sports delegations housing;

October 12 – Sports palace: jury meeting, mandate committee meeting (10.00-16.00), participants’ weighing (14.00-17.00), after the weighing is completed – the IGSF report-and-election conference, Executive committee meeting.  

October 13 – 09.30 – competition opening; 10.00 – contests (long jerk (women – jerk with 1 and 2 weightballs));

October 14 – 09.30 – contests (men – double event, separate exercises (jerk+snatch), women – snatch, short jerk with two weightballs);

October 15 – Greece open championship (separate exercises);  

October 16 (09.00) – entertainment; 

October 17 – sports delegations departure.

     For the receipt of invitation to the world championship the National federations must file a team application 3 months before the competition starting date in the name of: Head judge Pfilikidis Pantelis  Тел.: +306971940736 +302105624138  E-mail: 

      Contact person in Greece – Elena Tel.:+306932581436 E-mail:


Application form:      

No. Surname, name Activity in the team Weight Category/ kg Passport Date of birth Place of birth Home address Contact tel. No.


1. IVANOV IVAN Sportsman /judge, coach/ 80 AS24


13.05.1975 BELO


Apt. 1,

2 Lesnaia St., Bobruisk


Please indicate the e-mail of the Embassy (Consulate) of Greece at your place of residence in the application.

For the additional information please contact:

        Scherbina Yurii Vladimirovich, Kiev: Tel/Fax: +380-45-95-35-336;

Tel: +380-44-454-49-74; Cell:  +38-066-70-39-071


IGSF President Yu. Scherbyna

Penalty sanctions for accommodation in non-accredited hotels (what has been annonced before by Ogr Committee) have been canceled at this stage by Decision of the President of IGSF Iurii Shcherbyna.
The issue of penalties for accommodation in non-accredited hotels will be included in the agenda of the IGSF Conference, which will be held in Greece on October 12, 2017.

IGSF apologize for the inconvenience.