29th World Championship

On July 1-7 2022, the 29th Kettlebell World Championship was held in Greece dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the International Kettlebell Sports Federation (IGSF) and the 20th anniversary of the first European Kettlebell World Championship held in 2002 in Greece. Despite attempts by alternative organizations to prevent the event from taking place, the World Cup went ahead as planned. In the competition format, a presentation of the training manual “Basics of Kettlebell Sport” (author Іurіі Shcherbуna) took place. At the same time, an international training seminar on kettlebell sports was held with the presentation of the appropriate certificate of the IGSF. Taking into account the climatic conditions and the epidemiological situation, the event was held outdoors, in a shady alley, on the shore of the Ionian Sea. The competition was held at a high emotional level in a friendly and surprisingly friendly atmosphere. The friendly team of India won the largest number of medals. In second place is the team of Ukraine, which, due to known reasons, did not compete with a full team. Third place for athletes from Serbia.